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  1. Very interesting article on finding content ideas! I agree that almost every subject has an almost unlimited list of things to write about. I think about Golf. It is a simple game where a person tries to get a ball into a hole in the ground hundreds of yards away. Very simple and yet there is a channel that has golf related content ALL DAY LONG, everyday! How is this possible? If you have an interest or a topic, no doubt you can find plenty to write about, just think a little outside the box. (or the cup)!

    1. Hi Dave, you’re so right. Once we start to really think about a subject it’s amazing how many ideas we can come up with. As each new idea pops into our heads then you have another word to try and explore. The next step is actually converting those thoughts. Another post that might help is Twacks Content Writing Machine. Thanks for your thoughts. Be well.

  2. I really like your example of butter, I probably wouldn’t have thought about all the connecting article ideas that you came up with. It really brings to light how many ideas can come from one thought.

    In fact I’m going to start trying to see how many ideas I can come up with from each keyword and see what interconnecting ideas I can write about…

    This reminds me that it’s really important to just write about our ideas rather than overthink them, and then I need come up with a good way to dress up the content later once I have all my thoughts down on the screen.

    1. Thanks for the comment and your thoughts. I like to familiarise myself,mainly in my head, with the subject I’m about to write on…I tend to stay away from ‘pages of notes’ as I feel then that I’m forcing the issue…Like you say, get it all down first and then go back over it. If you enjoyed this you might like Twacks Content Writing Machine. Be well.

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