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  1. This is a very useful review that carry people along. I love those breakdown you’ve made about SEO and Jaaxy. When I first saw the topic to this review, I imagined how the alphabet soup and the recipe will look like. I was fascinated seeing that it is not actually a soup one can eat.lol. 

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    1. Hi Stella, I am really happy you enjoyed the post. Sorry that you didn’t get to have a bowl of soup but hopefully the text was nourishment enough. Like I said, there is a vast amount of information out there just about SEO, so it’s hard to try and sum it up. It’s worth exploring further and always worth practising as the results are worth it. 

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  2. Well, what can I say… lively article.

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    So, choosing the correct SEO is the most important thing. Going right to the search engines is effective, and using Jaxxy seems to be an even better way. So, this is a very important article, too.

    The more we find different sources of information, that can describe the same thing from different angles, the better is our understanding of our ability to create a profitable online business.

    I appreciate your clear and concise writing. SEO made perfect sense.

    Thank you for your help.

    Enjoy your day.


    1. HI Mike, I really appreciate your time and insights. I’m happy that it made some kind of sense. There seems to be plenty more out there about it and mastering it can be a long process. It’s not always easy try and explain the complex stuff in a way that you know is going to be understood. Not being one to follow the straight and narrow, I am always wary of making things even more complicated than they already are.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

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