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  1. I agree that Site Comments is a great way to get comments back to your own website, as well as earn credits and for me enough cash to pay my Wealthy Affiliate membership each month which is great.

    Leaving quality comments as you say is the key as if you leave generic comments that show that you haven’t read the article in question will simply get your comment disapproved.

    Thanks for the great reminder on how to use this platform, as some people still manage to leave low quality comments which I have to disapprove.

    1. Hi Michel, thanks for commenting, another step towards your membership subscription. That’s a great way to use this section. Like any system there will always be those who choose to try and ‘game ‘ it. As long as everyone acts as you do and disapproves the poor comments, then the success rate can only improve. I love reading other people website posts, you can learn so much.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero

  2. Hi Twack

    Your post has said it all! I like site comments because, it helps you improve your website and others too. It is one of the key feature of the community within wealthy affiliate and when you are good at it, you get certified to earn some cash, just like you!

    I personally think of it as my first signal to google, you know before commenting that person will have to visit my page. Now when you write your new post, you have just submitted the url to google, and google is trying to decide if what you wrote can be helpful to someone. And BAM! because you submitted it to site comments, you get visits and comments. Google will directly get an answer, saying this is good content, see some people found it and commented too…Ìt is a powerful tool.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re absolutely right. It is a great addition and helps more than people realise in regard to helping our sites being optimised by the search engines. It also gives confidence to users when they visit. Also, adding to your word count helps enormously. I value your input and thank you for it.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  3. I have heard recently that Google has started to look at articles on websites very favourably when there is interaction involved in the comment section – this Wealthy Affiliate Comment tool could well be a great trick to actually rank your work from now onward!

    Have you seen a change in your rankings since you started using this feature for comments on your work?

    1. Thank for popping by Chris. It’s a great question. Definitely the search engines look more favourably on sites that have comments, as it shows user interaction, which can only be a good thing. I’ve not done any studies to validate thoughts on rankings but maybe I should, moving forward. Thanks again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  4. This article is a complete explanation on how comments work at Wealthy Affiliate.  It is simple, to the point and has humor in it which makes it easy and enjoyable to read and understand.  It indicates how important comments are for a blog site survival not just through WA but any other blog site.  Your hints on how to go about writing a comment are direct and have made me rethink how I go about the process.  You are right that reading other people’s blog’s helps a person develop their own.  It has for me.  Commenting on other blog sites makes you see how other writers go about making points about a product.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words and I’m really pleased you’ve enjoyed reading my post. I look forward to reading the comments and replying, it’s a compliment in and of itself. Reading through other people’s posts is a pleasure and I am learning so much, not just about the subject matter but more importantly on how other posts are written and how they work within the site. Site comments is a great resource and one that should be taken advantage of.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

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